High Street Shoppers Footfall Drops by 10%

Carnaby High Street

The pressure placed on business owners over the past year have made it harder than ever for high street retailers. In addition to rising costs alongside wages and product margins. Bricks and mortar stores are suffering due to the rise in online retail.

Adding a new string to your bow.

High street retailers are now looking to expand their business network. Opting not only to sell online but also take advantage of third party platforms. Key teBay and Amazon are often used to introduce multichannel revenue to an existing business structure.

However many business owners feel that the personal touch of shopping in a physical store cannot be replaced. Returning items can often be easier in store, however many retailers have streamlined returns processes.

Adding a strong web development platform to your existing business structure can provide a sustainable revenue steam.

High Street Shopping

Research shows there has been a drastic change in the last 7 years. Which has seen the number of shoppers on UK high streets, shopping centres and retail parks dropped by 10%.

These figures are having a direct impact on business turnover. September saw this emphasised.

According to the British Retail Consortium, retailers found themselves under pressure after heavy rainfall and Brexit worries meant consumers kept away.

September has seen a 1.7% in footfall compared to last year. This decline is effecting on the number of retailers surviving on the high street.

The decline is affecting businesses at all levels.

The pressure felt by business owners is relentless, as the costs of running physical stores continues to rise. As well as consumers consistently shifting towards shopping online.

The negative impact is being felt by Debenhams and Marks & Spencer. Both have announced plans to close various stores up and down the country.

You can find more information here at the Guardian online. As they expand on the effect of online retail over high street business owners.

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